Musketeer is tackling the streets of Europe once again. This time bringing acoustic accompaniment and an amplifier.

After months of touring, writing and recording in Australia and New Zealand, as well as promoting debut studio single 'Sicilian Queen.' Musketeer is embarking on a tour of the streets of Europe.

First stop.


Musketeer will be playing a tiny festival in Teltow called the Festival of Folk. Along with friends Briar Rose & Sunshine and friends from Sweden including Cohort of Two and Castlewoods. Musketeer will also heading a show at cafe/bar Prachtwerk, and play a number of open stages and spontaneous house shows. 

15.MAY | DODO Open Stage
16.MAY | FESTIVAL OF FOLK (Teltow). Click for Tickets
20.MAY | PRACHTWERK Open Stage
23.MAY | PRACHTWERK. Donation Entry. Click for Event


Afterwards, the road is open to the moving winds. North. South. West. East. Where ever Musk is needed. Musk will go. To follow the busking journey in Europe, Musketeer will be keeping a diary of each day he goes out and busks. Follow those written words here on Tumblr.

For the first time, Musketeer will be playing streets and venues as a Duo. Edward Merrell will be accompanying on acoustic guitar for the majority of the tour.


Do you have a house or a venue in Europe that you would like to invite Musketeer too...? Please email, to get in contact.