seven long years ep out now

well the boat that I am on has gone
left a harbour of civil vice, money and a shadow of happiness
and all I can see is wood
sand, salt soaked wood

and my feet, they're in chains
bolted to a lower deck with a hundred other prisoners of the same name
it's seven long years or death
seven long years in another land

and all my thoughts, they are on you
your crooked smile, as you waved goodbye, and my promises true;
that I'd be back in time
that I would not let our love decline...

so stay strong my darling
stay strong for me
cos it won't be long now my darling
I'll be home soon you'll see!

well when you're out in the depths, down in the decks,
and off to a dark southern land
you start to become the dirt and the scum
that they think you are from the start
and it feels hollow

cos the guardsman's gun is just above your head,
ready to shoot you dead if you speak
and all that you eat are the slops of defeat
tossed to you in a tiny bowl
and that feels hollow

and some pray to their fathers, some to their mothers
others to their darlin' wife
I pray to Jesus and my sweet Anne-Marie
oh take me from this ailing fight
for it feels hollow

cos when ol' Billy Tyler creeps up to your bed
and sees you whispering there
and says 'forget about her lad, she'll fuck other lads
she won't hold out for you'
that feels hollow...

but I will hold out
I will hold out
I will hold out

they took us up north river
where the trees were blackened husks
and the beaches defiled clean from all the waste of prison luck
they’d turn our souls into dust

and Johnny Red didn’t feel so fine about that
but he would have to face the facts
cos we were all going’ down a prison cut mine to feed the capital dime
they’d turn our souls into dust

now all I could hear were Johnny’s sobs
as he cut into the rock
because for the 45th time he’d escaped the convict line only to feel the guardsman’s gun
they’d turn his soul into dust

and when he finally turned to face heaven
i caught him by the neck
only to hear the sound of hot leather pound against my shirtless back
just for saving this poor man’s soul from he dust

so gather all my holy pieces and save them from the black
cos when I get out of here my darlin’ girl I’ll be covered in all the ash

and i’d rather be like Johnny
i’d rather be like my friend
i’d rather be like Johnny Red
i’d rather me like him

well an angel watches over me
as I take this ticket of leave
but there's no word from my sweet Anne-Marie
as I take this ticket of leave


stuck in a place where the wolves must face
a price for their skin to be left in
a circle or a crowd where the sheep are allowed
to step on over their souls
and I am one of them
I am one of them

but as soon as you’ve gone and got over the storm
the water seeps in it’s sink or swim
to the prisoners cage or the bottom again
or right on into your grave
and I am one of them
I am one of them

I am one of them
I am one of them

come my fellow wolves and flee
flee from the fleece
and don’t let those crooked lands beat you down
cos you’re your own soul now.
you’re your own soul now


she was a sicilian queen
and he was my friend, my friend, the king
he wanted me to stay, to stay
but it was the queen who convinced me that day

on the shores

when we came back we found our king in tears
he said he been a fool, a fool to her for years
he wanted me to stay, to stay
unbeknownst to the bear that I had lain

on the shores

so row your boat
row your boat
cos time won't float
for you

the king will find out soon